Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Well, Hello!


I know, I've been MIA.  I didn't mean to be, but somehow, time got away from me and it became easier and easier to not blog.  But I want to do a sort of catch up of the last 6 months.  6 months - where did the time go?!?!

At the end of March, I went back to work.  Thankfully, the transition was relatively painless as Amelia was great about daycare - no tears! That made thing much easier and we're really happy with our daycare provider.  We chose a home daycare and Parm and her family treat Amelia very well and enjoy seeing her every day. 

At the beginning of April, Amelia turned one (already!).  We did a photoshoot on her birthday and then had her Parisian themed party a few days later. 

And some birthday pictures...


Entry way where guests came in
Cake Table



My little family in front of the birthday banner I made
The guest of honour arriving after her nap

Trying the cake


It was a great day and Amelia did so well. 
Next up, I turned 40.  Unfortunately, both Amelia and I were sick.  I did go for a pedi with my friend Heather which was nice.  Jase decorated the car with a banner that said The Big 40 so that was cute. 
May was rather uneventful, although I did apply for a new job and I got it so I moved to it in June.  I was in the job previously as a temporary reassignment, so I am thankful I'm now a part of the group permanently. 
Mid-June I went for my yearly "skin scan" since I had a mole with melanoma removed in 2010.  Unfortunately, another mole looked like it had changed so I had it biopsied.  I got word mid-July that it was melanoma again and had surgery July 30.  The diagnosis kind of sucked the fun out of the summer for me.  Even though I have had a mole successfully removed before, this time it scared the crap out of me.  I really struggled finding joy in my days.  I held my breath a lot.  Worried A LOT.  Played the what if game.  I was not in a good place.  
Post surgery
The news in early September confirming that they had clear margins all around the mole and that I caught it very early (stage one and even earlier than my previous mole) has helped me relax and breathe a little bit.  I still worry here and there but my days are no longer consumed by it.
Amelia has continued to grow and grow.  Her hair now has cute curls, she talks a lot and recently started walking and within days, was walking everywhere.
She is an absolute light in my life and the best thing I've ever done. 
So there you go, that's what has happened in the last 6 months. I'm hoping to get more crafty time in over the next while and hope to blog a little more too. 
Thanks for popping by!
Have a great day!