Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another Two Scrapbook Friends forum challenge

Hi there!

I'm back with another layout. On the Two Scrapbook Friends forum, Amanda challenged us to use paint. Typically, I only use paint to flick spots on my background, but I took a page out Amanda's book and used it like a photo mat.

Of course, it's a layout featuring my new favourite subject, Miss Amelia. I also painted the blue heart (hearts can be blue, right). I like this layout, but don't LOVE it, but another one is done for my girl's book so that is what matters. I had painted 2 other hearts but couldn't make them work on the layout.

I hope to be back soon with a layout with Amelia's 4 month photo shoot pics - we got some good ones this time!

See you soon,

Kelly :)


  1. This is gorgeous! I loveeeeee that photo, the colors and the paint!!

  2. You may not "love" it, but I do ... gorgeous!

  3. Such a lovely photo and I love how you scrapped it.