Friday, September 7, 2012

Some house stuff

Hi there!

Since I haven't had any time to craft (my new house is keeping me busy but I like it!) - I thought I would post some before and after pics. So far, we've only completed 3 rooms - the living/dining rooms and our bedroom, but it's something, right? I really didn't realize how long it takes to wash, patch and sand walls to prep for painting. And then, how long it take to trim/cut in the walls! But it's been totally worth it :)

Here's the living room before:
And here it is after with new paint, new sconces, a couch and a kitty :)

Our dining room with our brand new table and 2 upholstered chairs and our new to us cabinet and wooden chairs. Oh and a kitty in the window :)

And our bedroom before:

Our bedroom after:
We now have side tables on either side of the bed - it was a little bare without them!

Oh, and here's my scraproom. It's finally all together! This is as you walk in the door to my room. It's at the front of our house, the "dormer" and it's about 7 x 10 - a perfect little nook. It has awesome windows and is bright and cheerful

This is to the right of the door.  I have an IKEA drafting table and an IKEA Billy bookshelf that I got off Kijiji for $50.

Another view.  Another great bookshelf find at Target on my most recent trip to the States.

And lastly, we have a new addition to our furry family.  We had a little black cat show up at our door and we decided to keep her.  Addison (Addie for short) has definitely made herself at home!

Thanks for peekin'!

Have a great day!

Kelly :)