Friday, June 1, 2012

Paper Mixing Bowl #4 - Shish Kebab

Hi there,

I'm back with this month's reveal for the Paper Mixing Bowl.  I'm gearing up to move in 14 sleeps so things are everywhere and my layout was rushed.  I foresee some "tweaking" in my future - this layout is extra special to me and I want it to be awesome!

Here is the recipe:

I didn't do a layout about a special man in my life, though I could have used my awesome husband.  Instead I chose my brother Bruce's girlfriend Nicole.  The inspirational word STRONG spoke to me which is why I chose Nicole.  Early last year she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She had taken a leave from work to spend 6 months in Calgary with Bruce since both his job and lacrosse were based there.  She had only been there about 3 months when she got the terrible diagnosis - Breast Cancer.  She flew back to Ontario and began treatment that included chemotherapy, a mastectomy and radiation.  Through all of this she maintained a positive, determined attitude to beat this awful disease.  Do you see why STRONG came to mind?

I left things pretty bare as I wanted the focus to be on the words and the picture of Nicole with her great smile.  I am not 100% satisfied with how the flower looks on it's own so I think I will add a few more around the frame of the photo.  I used all of the utensils (with the exception of the brackets and tape).  Twine - around the frame; Metal - the breast cancer pin (it was silver and I painted it pink); Brads -attached the pin; Paper with Script - as the base mat for the picture.  I also used pink paint the I splashed on the background paper. 

A close up of the hidden journalling:

So Nicole, this one's for you.  You are one AMAZING lady!

Have a great day!

Kelly :)


  1. How awesome you did this about her!! I bet she will love it!!!! Great pic and LOVING the title work!!

  2. Love it! The black and pink are striking. Good luck packing and moving. Be sure to call upon us if you need help!

  3. How lovely to do such a special page for someone so close and so STRONG. I recently did one of my friend, myself and our daughters because she also has cancer and I wanted to remember things we did together. If you want a peek you can find it at

  4. I just love the pops of pink on the black. And what an inspirational theme as well. Good luck with your move! I remember you showing pics of your new house when you first bought it. So exciting!