Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'll be back soon!

So, I still haven't found my crafting mojo yet. But I am trying! I did a kit last night to help me get back in the groove and that felt good. I hope to find some time to work on another one this week but I am not sure that will happen as I got a new job! It's in the office I currently work in, but it's still a new job with new skills to learn. It's our crazy busy time at work right now for my current though, so for most of this month I am going to be "shared" between the two areas. For me, this means a few extra hours, pretty much every day. Add taking another university course (starting September 13) and household responsibilities into the mix and there's not much time for crafting. But I have CHA crop at Two Scrapbook Friends on the 17th to look forward to so for now, that's what is keeping me going :)


  1. I hope you get your mojo back soon;-)

  2. Wowzers - you are busy!!! Good luck with the new job responsibilities!! Looking forward to seeing what you post -when you post :)

  3. Hopefully you have a productive day on Saturday.

  4. How did I not know you had a blog??

    Looking forward to keeping up with you here, Kelly! :) And don't I just love that wedding pic...