Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Prep (now that we can share it with everyone!)

Hi there,

We had so much fun planning our wedding! I seriously went into a depression after it was over - months of planning, and the day flies by like that. It's not right! I have since recovered....

Here are a few photos of the little things we organized for our guests. We wanted everyone to know that we really, really, really appreciated their joining us at our wedding.

The first photo is the entire group at the airport, wearing the t-shirts we had made for them. We had them made by Traces Screenprinting Inc, a local company, who were awesome to deal with!

Next, are 2 photos of the gift bags we made up for everyone. We had so much fun doing this and noone knew about them. We delivered them to everyone after we had arrived at the resort.

The final contents inside: playing cards, spanish translation book, sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, kleenex, travel wipes, washcloth, spain magnet, spain postcard, aloe vera, chocolate, mike & ike candies and the wedding week itinerary & information sheets.

Our guests seemed to really enjoy and appreciate the bags and we had so much fun putting them together!

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