Friday, November 5, 2010


So, it's been a busy week for me as usual, made a little busier with feeling a little under the weather. I'm starting to feel a little better which is good, but I did receive some unsettling news today.

About 3 weeks ago I had a mole on my upper chest biopsied, mostly because the doctor didn't know what it was. Today at work the phone rang, I answered it, thinking it was a regular work question. The receptionist from the doctor's office asked if I had a moment to speak to the doctor. Of course I answered yes, but my brain was already going a mile a minute. I knew that if she was calling, that the results turned up something, but I wasn't quite prepared for melanoma. I have skin cancer and more specifically, melanoma, the "worst" type. Very shocking news, so I have spent the past 5 days or so digesting the news and I'm doing okay now. I have an appointment with a surgeon on November 22 and after that appointment I will have a better idea of where things are at. I'll be sure to keep you all posted! I am hoping we have caught it early!

So, make sure you wear sunscreen every day and be sure to check your entire body for any wacky moles.

Take care,

Monday, October 18, 2010

busy, busy, busy...

Back to being busy, busy, busy (aren't we all?). Things at work have changed and I have taken on some new responsibilities, which I'm quite happy about, though the learning curve hurts my head! I like learning new things though, so it's all good!

Back to school in September with classes on Wednesday's until 9 and Thursday's until 9:30. Good thing I enjoy both courses - it's hard being out late 2 nights a week, but the countdown is on - only 7 more classes to go! When I breatk it down like that, it makes it easier. After this term, only 2 more classes until I complete my degree - I cannot believe I am so close! When I started taking courses in 2005, this day seemed so FAR away.

We had a WONDERFUL time in London and Paris, despite the travel alert. We had the most amazing weather and saw so much it was almost information overload! I hope to get all of our pictures organized and post some here soon, including our honeymoon pics from Barcelona! And we're already planning/dreaming of our next trip(s).

We're also back to walking to work daily - something we had gotten away from all summer with all the stuff we had going on. It feels better to be walking to work, though, it's tiring at first. Soon, it will be routine again.

I'm still working away on our wedding album, slowly, but surely I will get it all done. I am also making a small album for my aunt who saved the day by bringing Jason's wedding shirt that we had forgotten at home, and one for my mom as well. I am working on all of them at the same time, but I am using sketches (LOVIN' the sketches!!!) so I tend to make 3 similar pages for each of the albums, which makes the process a little faster.

So much going on, but I wouldn't have it any other way. And I have lots to look forward to in the coming months as well!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

More wedding photos...slowly

The handsome groom

I loved the back of my dress! this was taken at our hotel, with the Mediterranean in the distance.

The head table, with the view of the coast behind us

The view from the street of the restaurant. We took an elevator up for the ceremony and dinner.

Wedding photos

Our wedding photos finally arrived today - they were well worth the wait. Here's a few to peek at:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sketchability sketch

My take on sketch #24! take on sketch #23!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One more week....

until I am free from schoolwork for the rest of the summer. I seriously CANNNOT WAIT! I have found this term really stressful. Now, there's only one more essay to finish and submit and then study my buns off for exam# 1 on Monday and exam#2 on Wednesday. Then blissful freedom for almost a month. After this term, providing I pass both my courses, only 4 more until I get my degree! So close!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're travelling again!

This time to London & Paris in October of this year. Got a great deal on flight and accomodations so we booked last night. It still hasn't sunk in!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Prep (now that we can share it with everyone!)

Hi there,

We had so much fun planning our wedding! I seriously went into a depression after it was over - months of planning, and the day flies by like that. It's not right! I have since recovered....

Here are a few photos of the little things we organized for our guests. We wanted everyone to know that we really, really, really appreciated their joining us at our wedding.

The first photo is the entire group at the airport, wearing the t-shirts we had made for them. We had them made by Traces Screenprinting Inc, a local company, who were awesome to deal with!

Next, are 2 photos of the gift bags we made up for everyone. We had so much fun doing this and noone knew about them. We delivered them to everyone after we had arrived at the resort.

The final contents inside: playing cards, spanish translation book, sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, kleenex, travel wipes, washcloth, spain magnet, spain postcard, aloe vera, chocolate, mike & ike candies and the wedding week itinerary & information sheets.

Our guests seemed to really enjoy and appreciate the bags and we had so much fun putting them together!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm married!

Yep, I am now Mrs. Greatrex.

We had a great trip and the most AMAZING day! It was absolutely perfect. I cannot say enough about my wedding planner, Kerry Vear-Smyth and her company Celebrations in Spain.
Kerry, Janet & Sharon made the day run smoothly and I still cannot believe that we planned our wedding via email! The weather was perfect, the flowers were perfect and our venue, SPECTACULAR!!!! El Padrastro Restaurant was amazing - both the views and the food! The day flew by and before we knew it was time to head back to the hotel in Benalmadena. A bunch of us headed to the disco to finish off the night with some dancing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

38 Days!

Until we leave! Someone please tell the volcano in Iceland to behave!

Have a great day!

Kelly ;)

Friday, March 19, 2010

My first easel card and my first envelope

Sorry I have been MIA....bit off more than I could chew....ended up dropping one of my classes as I was finding working full time, 2 courses and wedding planning far tooo much! Thankfully, the term is almost over! Oh, and 76 days until our wedding! EEEEEEK! I am sooo not organized!

I met up with my gals that I met at 2SF on NSD 2009 last weekend to do some scrappin, chattin' and eatin'. It was sooo much fun and my crafty friend (and massage therapist extraordinaire) Heather joined us as well. She fit right in! We had a great time, especially on our trip to the place that starts with M and ends with S and sounds like Schmi______________Veronica, Lori or Sam, you can fill in the blank LOL!! After that we had a lovely bite to eat at Mongolian Grill and then a hot chocolate at Starbucks (only because the gelato place was closed). Thanks so much girls, I had a wonderful time and can't wait until we get together again.

I will post the photos of my cards and envelopes now, all inspired by others, but things I will be doing again for sure! The easel card and and envelope are courtesy of 2SF, and the other card is a magazine scraplift.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hello 2010!

Did ya know - it's my wedding year!?! Yep, in 4.5 months we will be in sunny Spain getting hitched, with a group of 20 of our nearest and dearest. So much still to finalize, but the plans are starting to come together. Can't wait!

It's going to be a busy 3 months of the 4 - I am slightly crazy in that I am taking 2 university courses this term. I only need 7 more courses to complete my degree and I am hoping to do this in time for June 2011 Convocation. Which means 2 courses this term. I think I can manage it though, no final exam and 3 term tests for each course. Unfortunately, this means my scrapping time will be swapped for study time. I will still scrap a bit, I'm already "enrolled" in a few classes at 2SF, but certainly not as much as I would like. I did manage to get together with my sister and my brother's girlfriend for a scrappy day earlier this month. We had a blast and I hope we can get together once every couple of months (hint hint Katie & Nancy). This is what I managed to complete. McKenna was so cute at Christmas this year that I couldn't resist scrapping these pics.

Jason & I also bought a new camera at Christmas this year in anticipation of our honeymoon (Barcelona? Madrid? how does one choose?). So far, our only models have been Ana & Ali, but it takes pretty nice photos. I am taking a camera course with my mom & sister Feb 6th so I can take even better pics. Here is a pic of our wonderkitties aka models.