Friday, October 16, 2009

No I did not fall off the face of the Earth!

It was just a typical September! Work's crazy, school's crazy, life is just crazy! Throw in the wedding planning this year and there's been even less time!

Life is good though! I really like my on campus class which helps as it's from 7-9:50 at night, which makes for a long day. Now, I need to get cracking on my Distance Ed course - I haven't even opened my book - but I have an essay due October 26 (yes, I am starting to panic a bit now!). I have started swimming 3 days a week on my lunch hour and Jason & I recently traded in our bikes for our hiking boots for our morning commute. I love being able to walk and bike to work!

The only real excitement recently is that I have purchased my wedding dress! I have stalked a dress at a local store for a year....then I go to David's bridal to buy my shoes and come out loving another dress. I ordered it on Thanksgiving weekend, along with my veil and crinoline. I can't wait for October 24 when we head back to David's in Buffalo to order the remaining 2 bridesmaid dresses and for another dress try on for me! So exciting!! I can't say enough good things about David's Bridal and specifically my consultant Mary!! She's been amazing!

Okay, time to get cracking on my Legal Studies essay.

See you soon!