Saturday, July 11, 2009

This and that

It's been a month since I have blogged - where did that month go? Lots happened in that time.

I dropped the course I was taking - first time I haven't been enrolled in a course since Spring 2005.

I went to several scrapbooking classes at 2SF and I have learned at least one new trick at every class! Love that!

I spent a Monday lounging by my mom's pool reading a book instead of being at work. They made me - I had to use up some vacation days!

Several days were spent in Oakville at Jason's gramma's house, helping his parents and her prepare for her move to Kitchener. There has been lots to do at her place, but we are on the home stretch now. It will be nice when she's here in town.

Jason and I took a few days off at the end of June. Most of those days were spent cleaning, purging and decluttering our place. We were inspired by cleaning at his gramma's. It wasn't very holiday like, but totally worth it. By doing this, I know have my very own scrapbooking space = very exciting!

I made a few cards - some wedding ones and some thank you ones and "sold" my first one. Jason also used a few for some coworkers since he started his new job.
And lastly, we got a new kitten!!! His name is Alistair and he's so cute! Our vet knew we were looking for a furry friend for Anabella and they called us to say that someone had brought in a stray 7.5 week old kitten and asked if we were interested. We went to see him that night, fell in love and the next night we went to pick him up. There was some adjusting for Anabella, but things are fine now. We quite like our little A-team!!


  1. thanks for We need to get together soon, I will be at the class on the 22nd, but we should try to scrap sometime after that too.

  2. Nice to hear from you again-lol.
    Very cute kitty

  3. just one new trick....thats so i thought i was teaching you all kinds of!!! nice seeing you again tonight, hope to see you again a friday night crop at my place, let me know if that suits ok...ttfn

  4. OMGosh! What a sweet little kitten! I see a few new scrapbook pages with that cute little face on them!